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Designing Web Usability : The Practice of Simplicity

This guide segments discussions of Web usability into page, content, site, and intranet design. This breakdown skillfully isolates for the reader many subtly different challenges that are often mixed together in other discussions. For example, Nielsen addresses the requirements of viewing pages on varying monitor sizes separately from writing concise text for "scanability." Along the way, the author pulls no punches with his opinions, using phrases like "frames: just say no" to immediately make his feelings known. Fortunately, his advice is some of the best you'll find.

Dreamweaver 3 Bible

According to Macromedia, there are few more qualified or capable to teach the ins and outs of Dreamweaver than author James Lowery. This high praise is well earned with the Dreamweaver 3 Bible, a comprehensive manual that covers everything from basic site creation to working with Fireworks, as well as using CSS, DHTML, XML, and multimedia. This comprehensive tutorial and reference presents everything the professional Web developer needs to master Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3. The CD-ROM includes a trial version of this latest upgrade of Dreamweaver, plus over 300 extensions and more!


cover New Masters of Flash (WITH CD-ROM)

Learning by doing is always good, especially if you have good role models to follow. As part of the publisher's "Showing It" series, this book brings together 19 of the most innovative designers who are working in motion graphics, and gives them lots of page room to talk about their work in general, their inspirations (movies, games, etc.), and how they created some of their best projects.

Flash Web Design

Learning from the best is always a good idea, especially when the best in the field is adept at explaining his methods. In Flash Web Design, Hillman Curtis, a renowned Web developer (particularly in motion graphics) walks you through nine enlightening Flash projects in order of increasing complexity. Projects include type animation, navigational screens, working with wireframe art, converting vectorized video, working with streaming MP3 audio, using action scripting for interactivity, and going from Freehand sketches to finished Flash movies.


Web Design Links

FTP Clients
Download a copy of WS FTP LE or CuteFTP at Both programs are available as freeware.


Download your free trial of Dreamweaver 3 here. Use the Help and Index features if you get stuck. Or post a question on our Message Board.

BBEdit Lite
For a Mac editor try BBEdit Lite, Here is a review.

Color Chart
A list of colors including their corresponding HEX and RGB values.

Color chart mix and match
Let's you mix and match colors in a primative layout to let you decide how you want to setup your color scheme.

The 216 "Safe" colors

Tips and Tutorials

Webmonkey is an awesome resource for HTML tips and tricks. There are numerous tutorials archived here to show you some stuff you might be missing out on. contains numerous web design tips and tutorials.

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